5 points to consider when purchasing a dog

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  • Do you have desires of adding a new member to your family but don’t know where to begin? These little tricks and tips can help you make an assured decision when it comes to buying your new furry friend!

    • 1. At the moment of purchase: If you’ve recently welcomed home a child or are in the process of moving and/or going on vacation in the following week of the purchase of your new dog, we strongly suggest you to wait before welcoming your furry friend home. Make sure that you have enough time to spend with your dog, especially within the first few days in order to decrease stress in the young pup’ and also start the education process.
    • 2. Additional fees: In addition with the purchase of your dog and accessories that are necessary for the well-being of the animal, it is also important to consider every charge relative to your pet. Prepare a long term budget for food, vet check-ups and follow ups and medallions to avoid not being able to provide for your pet.
    • 3. Choosing your dog: The worst thing you can do is buy a dog without thought! Once a pet interest you, inform yourself on the characteristics of the breed in order to better understand the specific needs of that particular breed, so you can find a companion who better fits your lifestyle. Different breeds have different needs whether it be the amount of exercise it needs or specially made products they’ll be needing. Also, basic training will have an impact on your dog’s behavior it is recommended to inform yourself on your pup’s personality traits that it may inherent.
    • 4. The owner: It is strongly unrecommended to purchase for someone else. A dog becomes a new family member and will be present for many years. It is important to create a bond and a sense of belonging between both dog and owner.
    • 5. After the purchase: It is important to remember that a puppy, just like a child, needs a lot of sleep. During the first week, we suggest to avoid bringing the pup out to meet the rest of the family and friends. Give him time to rest, this period will allow him to get used to his new home.