Choosing a bird

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  • Whether it be to interact with it or to simply to have a friend around, it can be hard at times to choose what type of bird that can fit with our lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions to help choose what type of bird suits your lifestyle.

    Canary & finch :

    These birds are perfect to create an ambiance in the house. It is therefore a perfect solution for people who want a bird without having to interact with it. Like all types of birds, it is important to know the different needs of each species, whether a canary or a finch. Do you prefer a continuous song or a small chirping? Do you want multiple birds or only one? Do you want to have the possibility of mixing different species? Inform yourself about the particularities about each species.


    With their soft chanting, they can calm the most nervous of people. These calm tempered birds are easy and fun to handle. They can live in groups and do not ask for much time in terms of attention. It is therefore the best compromise for someone who wants to interact with their bird without the obligation of taking them out every day. Inform yourself with a specialist for ideal cage sizes that is appropriate for the quantity of birds you would like.

    Budgies and other parrots :

    A majority of people don’t consider budgies as parrots. But, budgies, like many other parrots, can be held, interact, repeat sounds and even speak! Like all parrots, they need to be taken out regularly and demand a lot of time. Certain species are content with leaving their cage once a day. Many species need much more attention than others. Once some parrots reach maturity, they can have the mental age of a young child. It is therefore necessary to stimulate them psychologically on a regular basis to make sure no bad habits arrive or that your bird does not get bored and develop unwanted temperaments. It is therefore very important to think about your needs and the attention it meds before buying it. Do you want a bird that can follow you in the house when out of the cage? Do you want a talkative bird? Do you want a playful bird or an independent bird? Do you have enough space for the proper size cage? Inform yourself on the lifespan of the bird as some species can live up to 60 years!