The goldfish myth

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  • Want to get a small animal for your child? Maybe you thought of getting a goldfish. They only need a small bowl, right? Well nope! The truth is quite the opposite!

    Goldfish are extremely big polluters and tend to consume lots of oxygen. It is therefore necessary to have a filter to clean the water and a bubble maker to add oxygen in the water. Water changes are highly suggested to make sure no problems in the water arise.

    In terms of good, goldfish have a tendency to eat everything that is presented to them, no matter the quantity. Since it is difficult at times for children to feed them, the fish may be overfed. This can result in more frequent water changes since the extra food will also pollute the water.

    People have a tendency to associate the goldfish with a small bowl. But people don’t know that for one fish, you need 10 gallons.. We must keep in mind that a goldfish can grow up to at least 36 cm in length. If the fish is put in a restricted environment, it’s bone structure can develop malformations the are visible on the fish.

    Easy solution? Betta fish are a much simpler species of fish as a starter. Betta fish remain small, don’t need much oxygen and come in a large amount of colors. Equipment wise, you only need to make sure the temperature of the water is adequate with a small water heater. The quantity of food also isn’t very complicated. On or two small pellets per day.