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la fontaine d'eau

The importance of the Water Fountain

The importance of the Water Fountain for Cats! Cats are popular pets that require special attention for their health and well-being. One of the most important things for their health is making sure they are getting enough fluids. However, domestic felines can be reluctant to drink water from a bowl and this can lead to…

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Toxic Christmas Plant

3 Christmas plants to avoid having for the holidays! Holly You use it to decorate your home, but if the berries fall to the ground, they can be swallowed by your pet. If the animal swallows them, it could have digestive disorders like diarrhea and also vomiting. On the other hand, fatal intoxications are rare.…

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Before starting an aquarium

Do you have the intention of adding life to your home? Know that an abundance of set ups can be effected depending on your interests, whether it be for a fresh water aquariums, natural plants and salt water aquariums, you will find that here. We hold a couple of general items that will help you…

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Choosing a bird

Whether it be to interact with it or to simply to have a friend around, it can be hard at times to choose what type of bird that can fit with our lifestyle. Here are a few suggestions to help choose what type of bird suits your lifestyle. Canary & finch : These birds are perfect…

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The goldfish myth

Want to get a small animal for your child? Maybe you thought of getting a goldfish. They only need a small bowl, right? Well nope! The truth is quite the opposite! Goldfish are extremely big polluters and tend to consume lots of oxygen. It is therefore necessary to have a filter to clean the water…

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